mbaLearnsToCode = MBAsLearnToCode(

name=               "Vinh",

mba_school=         "Chicago Booth",
mba_class_year=     "Full-Time, Class of 2016",

                        @ Uptake, LLC (,
                        Chicago's leading Industrial Internet-of-Things Analytics start-up",

                     "REGIONAL ANALYTICS MANAGER
                        @ CapitaMalls Asia (,
                        top Asian shopping-center company with 100+ malls"],

good_deeds=         ["taught Machine Learning to Booth MBA friends",

                     "worked with Booth profs to launch WORLD's-FIRST-of-ITS-KIND
                        Machine Learning course for MBAs

                     "co-founded Chicago Booth Analytics Club",

                     "constructed Data Science Learning Resources Catalog

                     "coding a dozen Machine Learning / A.I. / Robotics packages
                        on GitHub, BitBucket & Python Package Index (PyPI)",

                     "coded apps for wife Sarah,
                        making her life slightly more complicated,
                        but undoubtedly better, way way better"]

languages=          ["Python", "R", "Scala", "Julia", "Matlab", "Octave", "SQL", "HiveQL",
                     "PythonDjango", "Ruby", "RubyOnRails", "HTML", "CSS",
                     "LaTeX", "Markdown", "YAML", "Amazon Web Services (AWS)", "Pascal"]
                    +   # oh I forgot, plus human languages too, of course:
                    ["Vietnamese", "English", "Singapore English (Singlish)"]

undergrad=          "Cambridge University, U.K. (2005-2008)"


Eine kleine Nachtgitcommit

Hi, there.

By day, I am Vinh, a dizzily-busy, multitaskingly-distracted, unreasonably thinly-stretched full-time MBA student at Chicago Booth and daddy of a toddling little boss.

Come the quiet of the night, and my nocturnal self mbaLearnsToCode turns on, furiously committing snippets of computer programming code to my treasure troves of precious digital nothings on GitHub, BitBucket and the Python Package Index (PyPI).

I assure you, though, when I'm not committing to GitHub, I do commit a lot to my loved ones, bringing 'em to check out such greate places as this:

Why and What Do I Code?

I code so that I can:

My Coding Repertoire includes:

What's Cool Here?

Enjoy your time on my site!